Иностранные запчасти не только наша проблема

Сергей Лопатников тут недавно запостил о Китае

И напомнил о своей модели китайского перехода — вкратце, Китай окуклится и сфокусируется на насыщении своего внутреннего рынка и подъёме доходов населения. Тренды в этом направлении есть, но довольно слабые, потом опубликую статистику, как руки дойдут. 

Но одно следствие из этой модели — проблемы у Запада, США и, внезапно, нас самих, если всё made in China останется в Китае. Соответственно, политика Трампа — вынужденная.

Как обычно лыко в строку, попалась статья 

 How pervasive is the loss of such capacity? In September 2018, the Department of Defense released findings of its analysis into its supply chain. The results highlighted how fragile our ability to supply our own military has become. 

The report listed dozens of militarily significant items and inputs with only one or two domestic producers, or even none at all. Many production facilities are owned by companies that are financially vulnerable and at high risk of being shut down. Some of the risk comes from limited production capability. Mortar tubes, for example, are made on just one production line, and some Marine aircraft parts are made by just one company—one which recently filed for bankruptcy.

At risk is everything from chaff to flares to high voltage cable, fittings for ships, valves, key inputs for satellites and missiles, and even material for tents. As Americans no longer work in key industrial fields, the engineering and production skills evaporate as the legacy workforce retires.

Even more unsettling is the reliance on foreign, and often adversarial, manufacturing and supplies. The report found that “China is the single or sole supplier for a number of specialty chemicals used in munitions and missiles…. A sudden and catastrophic loss of supply would disrupt DoD missile, satellite, space launch, and other defense manufacturing programs. In many cases, there are no substitutes readily available.” Other examples of foreign reliance included circuit boards, night vision systems, batteries, and space sensors.

Так что проблемы с запчастями для всего не только у нас. Кстати, знаменитые Bell Labs с 2006 года не американские, сейчас принадлежат Нокии. Я это как-то пропустил. 


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