Очень интересная работа

Люблю я Пикетти. Он не один на эту тему мягко говоря пишет. Все возбудились, потому что Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez недавно про 70% ставку подоходного налога заикнулась. Ну так она не одна такая, есть несколько авторитетных работа, которые для США к этой цифре как оптимальной приходят. Это — одна из них.

While there have been many discussions both in the academic literature and the public debate about the causes of the surge in top incomes, there is not a fully compelling explanation. Most explanations can be classified into market-driven changes versus institution-driven changes. The market-driven stories posit that technological progress and globalization have been skill-biased and have favored top earners relative to average earners (see, e.g., Gabaix and Landier 2008 for CEOs and Rosen 1981 for winner-take-all theories for superstars). Those pure market explanations cannot account for the fact that top income shares have only increased modestly in a number of advanced countries (including Japan, Germany, or France) which are also subject to the same technological forces. The institution-driven stories posit that changes in institutions, defined to include labor and financial market regulations, union policies, tax policy, and more broadly social norms regarding pay disparity, have played a key role in the evolution of inequality. The main difficulty is that “institutions” are multidimensional and it is difficult to estimate compellingly the contribution of each specific factor


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